Registration, Accreditation & Team Presentation

The competition is open to all Federations affiliated to COMEN, FINA or LEN. It is open for Age Group 13, 14 and 15 y.o. (girls born in 2006, 2005 and 2004) and Mixed Duet (boys born in 2006, 2005 and 2004) according to FINA Age Group Rules Artistic Swimming. Events are Figures, Solo, Duet, Mixed Duet, Team and Free Combination.

Bulletin MedCup2019
Team Guide MedCup2019 final.pdf
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Team Guide

Team Guide MedCup2019 final.pdf
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Judges Nomination - until 31.5.2019

F06_Judges Nomination.docx
Microsoft Word Dokument 3.4 MB
F06_Judges Nomination.pdf
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Preliminary entry form MedCup2019

Preliminary entry form MedCup2019
F01_Preliminary entry form MedCup2019 PD
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F01_Preliminary entry form
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Final Entry Form - until 15.7.2019

Final Entry Form
Final_Entry_Form_Med Cup 2019_empty.xlsx
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Accreditation and Arrival-Departer-Informations

Accreditation Arrival-Departer Informations
F03_05_Accreditation_Arrival_Departure I
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F03_05_Accreditation_Arrival_Departure I
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Accreditation & Team Presentation

As all the teams will get their personal accreditation, we kindly ask you to send us a picture of each member of the team including the enclosed accreditation form before June 1st 2019. Please send the pictures in .jpg or .jpeg format and named as follow: 

  • NAME_Firstname_3-letter-country-code_function  (e.g. WURST_Karen_SUI_swimmer) 

In addition please send us a nice team picture of all the participating swimmers together (either on land or in water) as well as from your duet and your solist, so we can present your team in our program booklet. Also in .jpg or .jpeg format and named as follow

  • Exact federation name_3-letter-country-code   (e.g. Swiss Artistic Swimming Federation_SUI)
  • NAME_Firstname_3-letter-country-code_Duet or Solo  (e.g. WURST_Karen_CERVELAT_Anna_SUI_Duet)

 Thanks in advance for your help.


Please send your music latest by July 1st 2019 by electronic mail or with “wetransfer” ( to the following address: For backup and security reasons please bring your CD as usual!


The music files should contain the following information:   3-letter-country-code_Event name_Swimmers name (e.g. SUI_Solo_WURST Karen)


Unless otherwise specified, please send all the forms to


31.03.2019                  Preliminary Entry Form with cc.    
31.03.2019                  Accommodation Form
30.04.2019                  Accommodation Payment (as specified on the invoice you get)

31.05.2019                  Judges Nomination
01.06.2019                  Accreditation Form and Photos (portrait, team, duet, solo) in JPG format
01.06.2019                  Hotel Name List
01.06.2019                  Visa Assistance Request (if necessary)
01.07.2019                  Music Files to
01.07.2019                  Travel Form
15.07.2019                  Final Entry Form with cc.